This thread from The Epoch Times’ Jeff Carlson on how Obama fundamentally changed the DOJ and pushed the agency to the Left via his wingman Eric Holder and his successor Loretta Lunch is one HELLUVA read.

And spot on.

PJ Media rules.

Oh, and they just so happen to be one of our sister sites … just sayin’.

113 Leftist lawyers.

0 Moderate, non-ideological, or conservative lawyers.

Holy crap.

Wow. They funded the Obama admin’s electric vehicle initiative after Congress refused to pay for it with the Volkswagen settlement. That seems … political.

Did we say, ‘Holy crap’ yet because HOLY CRAP.

Can you imagine the shiznit fit the Left would throw if Sessions and Barr were doing these things?

Why isn’t this front-page news?!?

Oh, wait, traditional media would never print the truth about their Messiah, especially if it might make him look like the sneaky a-hole he was.

Fundamentally pushed to the Left.


Those funds should NOT go to political allies and buddies.

And Obama did it for years and years.




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