Michelle Obama claims black women are not always made to feel beautiful.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t make the claim.

From The Hill:

As the first black first lady, Obama felt heavy scrutiny on the campaign trail and even in the White House. From her bare arms to her butt, every part of her image has been picked over publicly.

“People called me all kinds of things when I was campaigning for Barack, like it was a competition,” she said. “They called me un-American, and this stuff sticks with you. Men talked about the size of my butt. There are people who were telling me I was angry. That stuff hurts, and it makes you sort of wonder, what are people seeing? That stuff is there. And look, I’m a black woman in America. And you know, we’re not always made to feel beautiful. So there’s still that baggage that we carry, and not everyone can relate to that.”

This seems a little disingenuous coming from a woman who spent years gracing the covers of beauty and style magazines … the same magazines that totally ignore Melania Trump.

Yup, everyone feels insecure about their looks, regardless of race.

Victimhood is in though, man.



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