Socialist Democrats spend a lot of time complaining about the rich and pretending everything that is wrong with this country and even this world is their fault. They talk about how the middle class gets screwed by these evil rich people … wonder if that ‘getting screwed’ includes the head Socialist Democrat himself Bernie Sanders flying first class.

We see you, Bernie. Smile for the picture!

He DOES look nervous.

And if there was ever a picture that truly sums up what socialism is, it’s this. The rich and powerful live in comfort while the rest of the country goes without since the government redistributes everything they make and own. Look at Venezuela.

Flying PRIVATE? That’s a big damn carbon footprint, Bern.


Yes, he definitely did.

But that didn’t stop his supporters from making excuses for their ‘leader’ and attacking the guy who took the pic:

Suuuuure, that’s totally what happened.


Sounds like a good little socialist minion.

But in the end …

Ding ding ding.



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