And we thought his whole stop and frisk speech about young minority men being criminals that ‘leaked’ out earlier this week was bad for Mike Bloomberg.

Sounds like Mike has a history of perhaps mistreating women as well:

From The Atlantic:

What is not fully addressed in the Times article, however—and what is not fully explored in the many similar pieces that consider the current iteration of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions—is a series of stories about him, accumulated over decades, that suggests in the aggregate a distinct pattern when it comes to his treatment of women: reports of disparaging comments made about women’s bodies and appearances. Allegations of a deeply sexist work environment at the company that Bloomberg founded and, for many years, ran. Stories that linger like exhaust in the air every time Mike Bloomberg is mentioned as, potentially, the next president of the United States.

But wait, there’s more.

The stories about Mike Bloomberg, though—stories, told through lawsuits and journalistic accounts, that involve allegations not of physical abuse but of more insidious manifestations of misogyny—ask broader questions about the ways electoral politics and basic morality will continue to tangle with each other as #MeToo marches onward.

We knew these candidates would start throwing one another under the bus but wow, this is pretty vicious.

If this isn’t vetting we don’t know what is.


Wow. This reeks of desperation.

Which basically sums up the entire Democratic field for 2020.



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