We sorta forgot Samantha Bee was still on the air.

Didn’t you?

Which is probably why she decided to go after Prager U because at least then she’d get a little attention, right? We are writing about her, after all … making a fool of herself, of course, but people will read about her today.

Just not in a good way.

Look at this hot mess:

Colorful graphics AND social media?!

Those monsters at Prager U daring to inform and educate young people on the Constitution and American fundamentals! They must be stopped!


Yeah, this joke fell flat.

They’re DANGEROUS for giving young people a different perspective than the liberal, progressive, bulls**t propaganda Sam herself has been pushing for years. Seems she doesn’t want young people to think for themselves …


But Prager U did respond (even though she didn’t bother to tag them in her little rant):



We so adore Prager U.

We’re seeing a lot of people thanking Sam for suggesting Prager U.


Right? Prager U should send her a thank you card and some cookies. Maybe some chocolate?



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