Someone might want to check in Alyssa Milano, just sayin’.

Say it ain’t so, RBG!


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the most important feminist lawyer in American history. Long before she became a judge, she convinced the Supreme Court to hold that gender discrimination can violate the Constitution. She spent many of the following years working to strengthen those protections for women.

Yet Ginsburg said on Monday that one of her life’s goals — writing a strong prohibition against gender discrimination into the Constitution — must be put on hold.

Oh no!

Ginsburg’s comments on Monday suggest that she believes this 1982 deadline should be considered binding. “I would like to see a new beginning” for ERA ratification, the justice told McKeown.

“There’s too much controversy about latecomers,” Ginsburg added. “Plus, a number of states have withdrawn their ratification. So if you count a latecomer on the plus side, how can you disregard states that said ‘we’ve changed our minds?’”

There she goes, owning the libs again.


And the plasma.



Of course, some are calling Vox out for not telling the whole story about the deadline in their headline:

But at the end of the day RBG did indeed just put the Equal Rights Amendment on hold.

Ironic, no?



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