CBS’ Jamal Simmons who is clearly not a Trump fan admitted on Face the Nation that the president has a whole list of accomplishments helping African Americans.

You know it pained him to admit as much.


Democrats have a real problem right now when it comes to appealing to Black Americans. Pete Buttigieg, who allegedly won Iowa, is very unpopular with this demographic. Add to that what Trump has been doing for Black Americans during his first term and this is even more damning to the Democratic Party.

As Jamal says, Trump doesn’t have to win the demographic, he just has to tick it up.

And from what we’re seeing in social media, that’s happening.

Especially with young black men.

Seriously, Democrats should listen to what Jamal is saying here …

Because if a guy like Jamal who tweets stuff like this about the president is admitting he’s doing well with African Americans, you KNOW he’s being honest.

But Democrats aren’t exactly known for their ability or willingness to listen.

Thank goodness.



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