The last time we heard from Peter Strzok, you know, the guy who allegedly plotted with his GF Lisa Page (the one he cheated on his wife with) to sabotage the campaign of one Donald J. Trump, he was thanking people for their support and babbling about filing a lawsuit.

Welp, it appears Trump speaking about him and Page ‘upset’ the little FBI agent who couldn’t so much that he broke his Twitter silence to post tweets from his attorney. It’s like he doesn’t understand why Trump and tens of millions of Americans might be a teensy-bit pissed off at him.

A patriotic career counterintelligence agent … that’s cute.

Blah blah blah blah.

Pete will have to excuse us if we don’t take an FBI agent who tweeted about interfering with a presidential election seriously when he talks about America deserving better.


Hey, we didn’t say it.

We included it.

We agree with it.

Buuut, we didn’t say it.

Yuck. He’s so awful.




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