The Left has learned nothing from the past three years.


They can’t even keep it together over a photo of Ben Carson standing in the aisle of a plane wearing a MAGA hat with a bunch of other Trump team members wearing their MAGA hats.

It never occurred to them that Ben is in the aisle and in the middle because he’s the most famous person on that plane? Nope, it’s all about the racism.

Because deep down, nobody does racism better than the Left.

Look at this garbage.

Such jackas*es.


We know, they probably can’t help themselves because they’ve been making racist comments about minorities who support Republicans for decades but still … this is just obnoxious.

OR, and hear us out, this was the best way  to make Ben the focus of the picture. Notice the back of the plane is way way waaaaay back behind him.

We got nothin’.

It’s like our friends on the Left want Trump to be president forever.



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