For months we’ve been hearing about how it’s a SUPER BIG DEAL to try and out whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, with some people even claiming it’s illegal to mention his name.

Luckily our good friend Aaron Rupar at Vox decided to finally spill the beans …

Ok, so we’re pretty sure he was just trying to slam and shame Rand Paul but he totally just outed Ciaramella.

Vox is gonna Vox but OMG.

What was he thinking?!

Wait, Vox.

Never mind.

This must be what Rupar is referring to:

If they had just let Rand ask his question in the first place …


Someone should probably alert Ciaramella’s attorneys so they can take action.


The number of people calling for Rand’s arrest on Rupar’s tweet … surely they understand he should be arrested as well since he’s the one who verified the whistleblower’s identity.



Never change, Vox.



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