The timing of this quite frankly spectacular thread couldn’t be better, what with the primary season really kicking into high gear. As a former Never Trumper, this editor couldn’t have said or written this any better, so thank goodness Phineas Fahrquar put it together for her and every other former Never Trumper out there.

He absolutely nailed it responding to Amanda Carpenter who announced she’s writing for The Bulwark and was excited to make her debut with an article about Never Trump mattering now more than ever.

Don’t make that face.

Trump won.

Definitely better than Hilary would have been.

This. ^

Their egos demand they support anyone but Trump; to admit he is the best choice for the country and that they ARE WRONG could well cause them to implode.

We’re not sure how decimating the Electoral College is conserving conservatism either but hey, what do we know?


At least they’re not voting for Bernie ‘Socialism’ Sanders.


Winner winner chicken dinner.

They certainly haven’t done themselves any favors since 2016.

Hopefully our friends at The Bulwark are paying attention.

But we’re not counting on it.



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