As Twitchy reported earlier, The Des Moines Register #IowaPoll will not be released for the first time in 76 years because of some supposed ‘error’ around one survey. Or something like that.

It’s hard to know for sure when most everyone knows the real reason they’re likely withholding the poll is because it shows Bernie Sanders polling in first place and the DNC simply canNOT have that.

Much like they couldn’t in 2016.

But you’d think CNN, being the bastion of news and facts they are (ha!), would at least carry the story somewhere on their homepage considering it’s one of if not the biggest political story right now.


Let’s see, there’s a bunch of stuff on Kobe Bryant, the coronavirus, some ER doctor confronting Mike Pence, shocked Nigerians … but nothing on a MAJOR poll being withheld in Iowa.

Seems strange, yes?

Liberal hacks indeed.

Whoda thunk it? Washington Post was actually right about something.



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