Good to see how well folks like ‘Ellen’ producer Andy Lassner are taking the news that senators will likely NOT call for witnesses or documents in the impeachment trial. As usual, they’re behaving like the adults in the room, admitting Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and even Nancy Pelosi really didn’t do a very good job of building a real case for impeachment of the president and taking Sen. Lamar Alexander’s suggestion that Americans should be the ones to decide Trump’s fate to heart.

And if you believe ANY of the crap we just typed we have more than one bridge to sell you.

From the #RIPGOP tag that is still hilariously trending to Andy taking it upon himself to find MOAR DIRT on Trump … they’ve lost it.

What was he thinking?

Andy. Dude.

You all remember when Andy made his fellow Lefties angry and they attacked him for days and days? Seems he didn’t really learn anything.


He claims it was a joke.



Right? Just give him a call … in jail.


Tissue, anyone?

Seriously. It will be less painful.



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