Hello Twitter? 1984 called, it would like its storyline back.

They’ve GOT to be kidding with this. Only complete morons would believe this latest addition to the reporting function via Twitter Terms of Service (TOS) won’t be overly abused to shut down one side of the political hemisphere. We’ve seen time and time again there is a huge bias already on the social media giant, and now they’re adding the ability to report folks because it’s ‘misleading about a political election?’ Who decides what is misleading? Seriously!?

Look at this crap:

This sure as heck seems like they’re trying to influence what people are able to tweet when it comes to elections.

THERE’S the real rule.

Many thanks to Hale Razor for clearing things up for us.


This editor tries really hard not to buy into the tinfoil side of social media but considering this is an election year and Twitter played a HUGE part in Trump getting elected in 2016 … it just seems way too convenient and shady AF.


Canada has elections, why wouldn’t they see it too?

We really hope this isn’t the case and that Conservatives aren’t targeted BUT we’re not holding our breath.



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