You know it’s never a good thing for the Deep State when Techno Fog writes any thread on Twitter because he (or she) always brings receipts. This time, TF shared information on David Kris, who was recently appointed by the FISA Court to review FISA abuse … which you think would be a good thing after what we’ve been witnessing over the past four years.

But considering Kris has a massive conflict of interest?

Yeah, no.

Take a look.

So wait a second … the guy who was clearing his op-eds attacking the Nunes memo with the DOJ is in charge of rooting out FISA abuse? FOR REAL?

Holy crap.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

This is NUTS.

Media will never report this stuff, they’re far too busy trying to prove Trump wanted an ambassador assassinated or some other silly horse crap.

We had to see it to believe it.

Because the Deep State is gonna deep state.



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