David Axelrod is kidding, right?

All we can assume is that either David hasn’t been watching the Barny Fyfe wannabe babble on for hours and hours this past week OR he is pandering to his uninformed base trying to pretend that Schiff somehow made the House’s case.

Which if he did they wouldn’t be whining about the Senate not calling witnesses … but we digress.

Dude, Republicans think he’s irritating because he is.

‘Nuff said.

If he’s the best Democrats had to make their case they were in trouble from the get-go.

They’re going to try really hard to pretend Schiff was brilliant and that Senate Republicans are just too biased to be fair even though anyone who watched this entire mess knows Schiff For Brains and the rest of the impeachment squad have failed, failed, and failed some more.

That. ^

November will be very, very interesting.

No wonder his eyes are bugged out all of the time.

Yeah, Dave, go with that.



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