Adam Schiff could well go down as one of the most corrupt, biased, and obnoxious legislators in the history of this country. True story, when Obama left office this editor thought there would never be a voice more annoying than his, and then Schiff came along …

He thinks he did a good job today.

He’s wrong.

Notice, he leaves out the serious butt-kicking he received from Jay Sekulow from this sanctimonious dribble:

Americans actually never wanted this impeachment sham in the first place, Adam.

And SPARE US the nonsense about rising above party when Democrats passed the articles of impeachment on a purely partisan line; the only bipartisan vote was AGAINST THEM.

This freakin’ guy … no wonder Trump called him Adam Schitt.

It fits.

True story.

In other words, they got nothin’.

Flaming turd missile.

That may well be the best description we’ve ever seen for the impeachment sham

But it’s not faaaaair. Trump bad!

Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

And in other news, water is still wet.



He’s dead Jim, DEAD! Jay Sekulow just absolutely destroyed Adam Schiff and his little impeachment sham too (watch)

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