We’re not sure who’s scarier, Bernie or his supporters.

As Twitchy readers know, Project Veritas released undercover footage of a Bernie Sanders field organizer who said some pretty terrifying stuff about Gulags, re-education, violence, etc. Most people who understand just how dangerous socialism (COMMUNISM?!) really is are taking the video seriously … sadly, the yahoos Bernie has promised free college and healthcare to are just laughing it off.

Like the good little socialists they are.

Scary stuff.

Tim Pool tried to point out WHY this was dumb and even more damaging to Bernie:

Yeah, laugh about a field organizer in Iowa talking about putting people in Gulags, re-educating folks, burning cities to the ground … that’s hilarious. Except it’s not.

At all.

And Tim is right. Even Democrats can use this footage and info to go up against Bernie in the primary, and from what we’ve seen from Elizabeth Warren in the last 24 hours, we wouldn’t put it past her or any of them.


Right? He sure seems comfy talking about putting people into Gulags.

Damn that was terrifying.


Yup. We sincerely doubt this is the only field organizer talking about re-educating MAGA people.

Hey folks, we’ll give you free college and healthcare BUT ya’ gotta live in Gulags and serve at the will of the government.




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