Senator Dianne Feinstein told Nancy Pelosi to basically get on with the impeachment mess and send the articles to the Senate, and now we’re even seeing Democrats in the House who want her to … well … p*ss or get off the pot.

To put it in a straight-forward way which we know Democrats are incapable of doing.

Watch this from Rep. Adam Smith:

Even Democrats have to admit what Nancy has been doing is not only harmful to their impeachment sham, but to the House, to the president, and to the country in general. Most of know it has all been a completely partisan attempt to remove a president they just don’t like, so why draw this out any longer so Trump can use it for his campaign?

Not that we have a problem with this.

By all means, Nan, keep sitting on the articles.

You do you.

Girl power and stuff.

And it only took them a year or so to figure it out.


They figured out Americans don’t want this impeachment nonsense? Crazy talk.

She certainly couldn’t have handled this any more badly.

And she knows it, which is why she’s been sitting on them hoping for the narrative that McConnell just isn’t being fair to stick. But it’s not.

Even with her fellow Democrats.

Sadly, Adam is sort of backtracking now:


He misspoke.




Nancy must’ve cracked the whip.



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