Obvious attention troll is obvious.

Note, we typically do not cover ‘randos’ on Twitter because the person using the account may or may not be who they say they are BUT when a tweet or thread is either just that good or just that bad, we make an exception.

Like this repugnant thread from ‘Michael Kingsbury’ crapping all over the US military.

Yeah yeah, we get it, he’s trying to get attention likely for his crap films but we’re pretty sure this isn’t how you convince people to become a ‘fan’.

Being a soldier is a job and when they’ve served their country we owe them.

This is not difficult.

Man, we thought these accounts all went to Gab.

The ‘global’ dig is a clue …

Awful, right?

This editor did check out his so-called movies and they seem just about as awful as the guy who made them. No wonder he’s so cranky.

C’mon, be fair. Dozens and dozens of dollars.



And true.

We’re going to guess Kingsbury wouldn’t be so tough if he came face-to-face with one of these ‘big babies.’

So original too.

One of the best gifs on Twitter.

That. ^

If this guy was looking for attention, he got it. Granted, it’s really really really really horrible attention for a really really really horrible thread but still … it’s attention.



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