Rep. Doug Collins went on with Lou Dobbs and said quite bluntly and without apology what so many Americans have been thinking as they’ve watched the Democrats’ abhorrent reaction to the death of terrorist, Soleimani. Imagine hating the president SO MUCH that you can’t admit this man, responsible for thousands and thousands of dead people, was a bad guy and Trump did the right thing.

We live in sad and infuriating political times.


He’s right.

And it’s all because they don’t like the president.

No amount of shrieking or calling Doug horrible or awful or disrespectful will change what we’ve been seeing not only from actual, elected Democrats but from the Left in general. Michael Moore, anyone? Jayapal accusing Trump of ‘recklessly assassinating’ him? Omar claiming she has PTSD now? Not one of them admitting or acknowledging just how evil and dangerous Soleimani really was.

Speaking of shrieking, the Left reacted to Doug as they usually do when called out on their behavior because ultimately the truth hurts:

Except he’s not a liar.

Seems Steve is very focused on making sure people know he’s a former Republican …

It’s like none of them have been on Twitter or watching any of the media, at all.

No, they were positively for killing an evil man terrorizing the Middle East for decades.

Anything to paint Trump as the bad guy, even if that means crapping all over their own country.

This editor just doesn’t get it.



As we said, the truth hurts.