John Harwood has given us SO much fodder for Twitchy over the past few years, we really should send the guy some cookies.

What’s most interesting about Harwood is how the Left still pretends he’s some great ‘journalist’ rather than admit what he really is an activist pushing a narrative and an agenda.

Look at this nonsense …

These people really really really love it when Republicans b*tch about their own party. Suddenly people they’ve been trashing and/or making fun of for years are heroes and great thinkers!

It’s hilarious.

Leading voices.

Isn’t that cute?

They love pushing people like Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, Tom Nichols … people who are so ‘upstanding’ they can’t deal with Trump or what the Republican Party has become.

The media will treat them as some sort of expert on the party, as long as they say hateful and bad things about the party.

Isn’t that convenient?

Because that narrative ain’t gonna push itself, Josh.

Ummm …

In the eyes of some, yes.

They’re certainly not doing themselves any favors.



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