Remember the olden days when world leaders didn’t get on Twitter to talk smack? Admit it, when you see tweets like this from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei it’s a little surreal, right?

It all started with a tweet from Trump:

This is not a warning.

This is a threat.

Hell yeah.

On that note, it seems Khamenei wasn’t all that happy with Trump for tweeting that he was basically going to kick their a*ses if things ended badly for our US Embassy.

That guy …

And the irony of Khamenei claiming Trump has made other nations hate us. You know, the leader of a country that has been known to chant, ‘Death to America,’ is saying Trump is hateful.


Almost as adorable as David Klion cheering Khamenei on:


Then he tweeted this:

Ok, it’s not his fault we’re all too stupid to know he’s not really being a douchebag.

Except he is being a douchebag.

This guy.

Maybe if he’d stop tweeting stupid stuff people would stop swarming him.

There ya’ go.

But it’s not his fault, we’re all just too stupid to get his sarcasm or something.

If this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she’d do permanent damage to herself.

Not a great tweet, David.

Especially when you’re own peeps are calling you out.

It’s true.

Tom Nichols …

They’re all so broken.

Sort of like how they laughed at Mitt Romney when he said Russia was our biggest threat.




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