Something Democrats LOVE to do is load up bills for our troops with a bunch of pork and nonsense they know Republicans will vote against so LATER they can claim that mean old Republicans voted against helping the troops.

They’ve been doing this for years (decades), and the only people who fall for it vote for Democrats anyway. We’re not sure any Republican has ever just stopped and said, ‘Wait, WHAT?! That Republican voted against the troops?! I totally believe that Democrat, I’m switching parties right now!’

But we suppose they’ve got to try something since they really got nothin’ to run on otherwise.

Amy, really?

A simple Google would have saved her a good deal of embarrassment.

You’d think she’d have learned her lesson by now …

But nope.


And ouch.

Really bad.

Democrats are desperate? Maybe?

Gonna take someone way smarter than McGrath to beat Cocaine Mitch McConnell.



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