Chuck Schumer was really, really spinning trying to convince the masses the Senate should draw the trial out … probably because he knows if and when it’s shot down quickly he and his Democrat buddies will look like total jackas*es and they’ll have to answer to their constituents for not only FAILING to remove Trump but for lying to them for years promising them they would.

It’s like a bandaid, Chuck, just rip it off.

‘95% of all statistics shared on Twitter are false.’ – Abraham Lincoln

Where the heck did he pull that stat from? Wait, you know what? We don’t wanna know because we’re guessing it’s from a place we’d rather not think about.


Update – THIS is where he pulled it from:

WaPo and ABC. Because OF COURSE! Although to be honest, the other was way funnier. 

That’s the last thing Democrats want because deep down they know they’ve wasted the last nearly four years on this nonsense and have nothing real to run on.

Gosh, Chuck, you really convinced people.

Or not.



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