We’re not sure the media could have done a WORSE job covering Devin Nunes and the Steele dossier if they tried. Seriously, it was a total crap-show of bad and all because of their own bias.

Well, that and Adam Schiff lied his arse off but their bias kept them from even considering that Nunes was right to be concerned about the FISA warrant and investigation into Trump.

We’re shocked this is still up.

From The Atlantic:

The applications appear to be well-supported. The 412 pages of documents include the initial application and three renewals, each designed to extend the surveillance beyond the 90-day limit that protects U.S. persons against prolonged surveillance without court oversight or intervention.

Appear to be well-supported.

Alrighty then.

Brit Hume even called this one out:

Brit said CRAP … he never does that. Wow.

So you KNOW this article is well and truly crap.


He, she, it. Be careful not to assume gender and stuff.


Not just complicit, it appears they were working to make all of this happen as well.

There are definitely people who still believe all of this nonsense … we see them claiming Trump is being impeached over Russia.

Not even kidding.

Imagine tweeting that CRAP.



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