Ok, full transparency. This editor just wrote a piece about an eco-sexual expert (seriously, don’t ask) babbling about Putin rigging the UK General Election and she thought it was this woman’s own paranoid delusions …

Turns out this may not be the case because perhaps she just saw this ridiculous piece from The Guardian:

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch are the founders of Fusion GPS.

Let that sink in.

From The Guardian:

The efforts in both countries had much in common. They were aided by a transatlantic cast of characters loosely organised around the Trump and Brexit campaigns. Many of them worked in concert and interacted with Russians close to the Kremlin. The outcome in both countries was also eerily similar. Both countries have been at war with themselves in the three years since, pulling them back from the international stage at a time when Putin has consolidated his position in Crimea, Ukraine, Syria and beyond.

Not to be overly crass but they have GOT TO BE SH**TING US.

The Guardian is just as shameless and disgraceful for publishing it.



We can’t decide if this is stupid, ballsy, or both.


Seriously, we made this exact face.

Don’t ask, man.

Just don’t ask.

They have not yet begun to disgrace themselves.



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