As Twitchy readers know, Susan Hennessey was doing her part on Wednesday to downplay the importance of the IG report findings.

We suppose since she’s spent so much time perpetrating the Russia collusion hoax with no concern whatsoever about damaging the country we don’t blame her for sort of wanting to pretend it’s all a giant nothing-burger.


But Mollie Hemingway wasn’t having ANY of it:

She’s right.

Media have done their fair share of dividing the people and honestly damaging America over the past three years and all because they can’t deal with the fact that THEY all but elected Trump. They gave him so much free airtime during the primary, they created their own monster for clicks and taps, and when that monster won … yup, they lost it.

And speaking of lost it, Susan responded.

A lot.


Mollie hit a little too close to home.


Uh-oh, someone’s mad.

Still mad.


Oops, see, still mad.

So mad.


And they wonder why we don’t take any of them seriously.

Mollie doesn’t appear to have bothered responding to Susan’s tirade, but others did.

We’re not holding our breath for an apology anytime soon.

Tough crowd, Susan.



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