Sean Davis was good enough to remind us all how the Steele dossier really got its start.

Good ol’ Buzzfeed.

Hilarious (and not in a good way) that they haven’t retracted this story even NOW.

Imagine defending Buzzfeed.

Imagine defending the Steele dossier.

Fact check … really? REALLY?!

The only thing factual and/or truthful about the Steele dossier is the guy who wrote the thing is named Steele. The rest is a hodgepodge of gossip and second-hand nonsense that even Horowitz has said was basically a dumpster fire of stupid.




Instead she tweeted this.

Don’t make that face.

Ok, make that face … heh.

We see a whole lotta ratio on her tweet but not a lot of ‘MAGAts’.


She might want to fact-check her fact-check … just sain’.



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