When we see tweets like this from The Hill we’re reminded WHY Democrats are actually trying to impeach Trump in the first place.

They really don’t have anything to run on, whatsoever.

See what we mean?

Pete Buttigieg wants to launch an ‘era that’s got to come.’


Brit Hume saw the dunk in Pete’s claim as well.

RIGHT?! Who wants low unemployment, rising wages, high stock markets, no majors wars, declining abortion rates, and stuff? We need a new ERA or something.

Pete really thinks he’s fighting some great fight that just doesn’t exist.


Don’t worry folks, Democrats promise they’ll raise your taxes and put the companies you work for out of business.

He’s the cool candidate.

Hope and change.


Surprised he didn’t babble something about, ‘Yes we can.’

It really is painful.

Yeaaaah … pass.



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