Hoo-boy, Democrats have really stepped in a big ol’ pile of desperate with this impeachment sham. They really must think Americans are stupid if they believe for one minute Nancy’s speech quoting a bunch of founders will somehow replace the fact they have proven ZERO crime in this partisan AF investigation.

Perhaps they should hold another focus group to determine another crime to charge Trump with that they can’t prove.

Byron York had the best dig:

That’s it! This came from another one of their focus groups.

So pathetic.

They’ve been trying to impeach Trump since the day he took office.


Mind. Blown.

Exactly. They’ve wasted Trump’s entire term throwing a temper tantrum instead of actually working on policies for the people who elected them. Democrats have accomplished ZERO so they need something to blame; just like they needed something to blame in 2016.

Stupid, ain’t it?



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