Leave it to President Trump to find an opportunity like this to ‘roast’ Adam Schiff.

It really is perfect and you KNOW Schiff’s eyes bugged out a little more if he heard or saw this.


Pretty sure Dip-Schiff isn’t as amused as the rest of us.

Hell, the Left lost their minds over it and he’s not even talking about them. Typical.

Look how mad they are … over THIS?!

The irony.

Right?! Because how dare the president defend himself from the constant bullsh*t from Schiff and co.

And yet here ‘she’ is.

Imagine the amount of anger that must be flowing through these people at all times to be THIS UNGLUED over a simple joke that anyone who’s been paying attention will find hilarious.

Whatever will these whiners do when Trump wins again next year?



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