Nothing to see here, just Ilhan Omar possibly being on the Qatari payroll.


Ummm … yikes?


US Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar is a foreign agent on a Qatari payroll, a Florida court heard in a sworn testimony, according to Monday’s report by the English edition of Al Arabiya.

The news agency says it got hold of an October 23 deposition by Alan Bender, a Kuwait-born businessman from Canada, testifying in a case against the Qatari emir’s brother, verified by the plaintiff’s attorney.

According to Bender, he met with three top Qatari officials, including the Emir for Security Affairs’ secretary, and was told that Omar is “the crown jewel” among US politicians recruited by Qatar.

The three allegedly claimed that Ilhan owed her current position to the Qatari money bankrolling her campaign.

Claimed she owed her current ELECTED position to Qatari money bankrolling her campaign.

No big whoop … O.O


Three of four members of ‘The Squad’ are being investigated for something at this point.

And you know, they’re the future of the Democratic party and stuff.

Sad but true.

There ya’ go.

Oh, and it’s more important to be morally correct than factually correct anyway.



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