At this point, Democrats have completely lost any and all credibility when it comes to trying to impeach Trump. You know what, they’ve lost any and all credibility in GENERAL.

Months ago they wanted to impeach him for being mean to The Squad, they also wanted to impeach him for calling shi*thole countries, sh*tholes … and who could forget their outrage at him when he wanted the NFL to stop kneeling during the National Anthem?

They’ve turned this entire process, which was originally meant to be a big deal, into a sham.

A circus.

A joke.

Or as Kimberley Strassel calls it, day-to-day partisan warfare.

From the Wall Street Journal:

What else is new? The left has been leveling similar claims since before Mr. Trump was elected. When a party spends three years baselessly accusing a president of everything from being a Russian mole to obstructing justice, from profiting off the presidency to abusing security clearances and cheating on his taxes, that party loses the credibility to say: Really, this time, we mean it. Democrats didn’t lose the war for hearts and minds on Wednesday. They lost it three years ago.

Those hearts and minds are the only prize here. The media will continue to imbue this event with gravity, to report every bit of testimony as more “bombshell” evidence against Mr. Trump. But impeachment is a political process, so the measure of its “success” is whether its supporters can convince a bipartisan majority of the country that Mr. Trump took an action worthy of removal from office. Nothing in Wednesday’s hearing came close, and the Democrats took their best shot.

Their best shot was a joke.

Can we end this now? Time to go home?

Holy crap, we get it, Dems cannot accept they lost in 2016 but give it a REST people. This is just embarrassing at this point.

There are a lot of people looking for revenge.

And honestly, who can blame them?

Right? Why not? It can clearly be built on hearsay anyway.


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