Can you IMAGINE the fit the Left would throw if a Republican openly told people to believe in one of their agenda items as though it’s a religion? Buildings would be on FIRE and people would be marching in the streets frothing at the mouth and babbling about the separation of church and state.

But you know, since it’s Mazie Hirono and she’s blathering on about climate change they are AOK with it.

Interestingly enough she’s admitting it’s basically a cult.


Alrighty then.


Based in their bad faith religion aka climate change.

Just keep your fingers and toes away from her mouth.



WHOA! New complaint filed with ICIG alleges whistleblower and attorneys have turned blowing whistles into BIG bucks

Well well well, what do we have HERE?! Gosh, it sure looks like SOMEONE is lying about that July 10 Ukraine meeting at the WH

Straight-up BULLS**T: Adam Schiff orders GOP not to talk about whistleblower during the impeachment hearings or ELSE