About that whole Sondland changing his testimony thing … womp womp womp. Rep. Mark Meadows was good enough to take time from his busy schedule to crush the Left’s hopes and dreams and it just took him two little tweets.

He’s a giver that way.

So he changed his testimony based on an assumption. For real? First we see the DOJ admitting the got Strzok’s notes screwed up with another agents in the Flynn case and now we see this …

Our government at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Is it just our imagination or is this whole thing just getting dumber and dumber every day?

Because dude, orange man bad and stuff.


Right? It sounds like he was really just doing some follow-up but if you only read the media’s take it’s like he had a whole epiphany and decided Trump really DID do something nefarious and illegal.

But eh.

Just another nothing-burger to get the vapid, angry, and frothy base all worked up in hopes that THIS TIME they’ll finally get Trump.

And once again they won’t.

It would be funny if it weren’t so damn annoying.



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