So not only are people on the Left claiming the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi is somehow not really a good thing, they’re also upset with how Trump described the bas*ard’s death.

Because you know, it’s not nice to say mean things about terrorists … or something.

She is far from the only one complaining about Trump being MEAN to a dead terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of countless men, women, and children.


Johnny Joey Jones shut them all down.

Trump was right. *shrug*

Deal with it, whiners.

Must be another day that ends in Y.

They just need jobs and air conditioning, duh.

Oh Hell YEAH.


Desperate much, Jimmy?! James Clapper couldn’t wait to spin Baghdadi’s death as a NEGATIVE on #SOTU (watch)

CLOCKWORK: Major kill of ISIS leader Baghdadi confirmed so of COURSE the Left is out in full force claiming it’s not a good thing

Dude, what the HELL?! Tom Arnold really outdid himself THIS time with vile, creepy AF tweet to Diamond and Silk; Updated (he went SO racist)