Last night after President Trump tweeted out some big news was coming plenty of folks were speculating that it had something to do with a major kill in the ISIS world. This was confirmed this morning:

Cue the Left: ‘Mean ol’ Trump, pickin’ on ISIS.’

Whimpering, crying, and screaming all the way.

Like a DOG.


A lot of people need to get over it.

But you know, orange man bad or something.

He’s not too far off, unfortunately.

You have to wonder how many times someone who tweets something like this has been dropped on their head.

These people are just such jackas*ses, seriously.

The man could cure cancer and they’d find a way to complain about him. ‘Trump put thousands of oncologists out of work today and who will have to pay for their food stamps and healthcare now?! YOU WILL.’


Full stop.

Oh, good gravy.

Way way way too close to reality.

And curtain.


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