All we can say is it’s about damn time.

Maybe legislators like Adam Schiff think the American people aren’t paying attention to his sham of an investigation (holding interviews in secret, really?!) but we are. And that it’s taken Republicans this long to do anything other than complain about him is not exactly a great look either.

So when we saw Fred Keller tweet out that he is co-sponsoring the resolution to censure Schiff we did a little fist-pump.

Here’s the resolution, McCarthy was talking about it nearly a week ago.


It certainly feels like no one in D.C. is ever really held accountable.

Fair point.

Pretty bad.

That whole parody thing by itself should be enough to censure Schiff for brains.

Ugh, National Period Day.

Just no.

From us as well.

That’s what he gets for being full of Schiff.

Yes, yes we could write Schiff jokes all day long … he just makes it so easy.


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