AOC’s tweet about ‘concentrated wealth’ and the 1% reads a lot like the socialist propaganda garbage we’d expect from a Bernie groupie.

You know, the guy she and the rest of The Squad recently endorsed who is easily in the 1%, owns a fancy sports car, and three houses? Gosh, that sounds a lot like concentrated wealth to this editor.


She says this like it’s a bad thing.

Socialists. *eye roll*

And with the studies we’ve seen about the middle class shrinking NOT because of poverty but because people are earning more and falling into a wealthier category, we really don’t get what’s so horrible about the 1% of the wealthiest people in our country being very wealthy.

That’s a good thing … yes?


But concentration camps! Orange man bad! The planet is going to end in 12 years!


Oh, that nugget. Funny she talked about school choice and how it’s a great thing, going totally against the Democrat’s narrative on how this is bad for public education.

And no, we do not expect her to comment on the faux pas.

Odd? Not really.

Hilarious and ironic as Hell?

You betcha.


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