Pete Buttigieg.




And we’ve gotta admit, we’re honestly surprised Chuck Todd pushed him on his responses and even called Hillary’s accusation, ‘Trumpian’.

Take a look …

Pete calls it a dispute.

But it’s not a dispute.

Hillary chose to go after Tulsi and she’s not even running.

Well, not yet. We keep asking ourselves why she’d feel the need to get involved like this (and for her lackey Neera Tanden to push AOC about how Hillary helped with healthcare) and unless she’s just a bored, nasty, mean, frumpy, frothy, cranky old troll with nothing else better to do then we assume she’s thinking about getting in the race.

Which would be so delicious.

Fair point, but for Todd to have called her Trumpian?

You know that ticked her off.

That. ^


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