If you think about it, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsing Bernie Sanders makes sense. They’re both socialists … err, sorry … Socialist Democrats, they both resent corporate America, they both love having their own money but gripe about other people keeping more of theirs.

So her speech came as no surprise:

Blah blah blah.

Yeah, we get it. Socialism GOOD. *eye roll*

For whatever reason Neera Tanden felt the need to bring Hillary up in regard to AOC’s speech, which really makes zero sense. Why do this? Unless of course the Wicked Witch of the Lost Election really is going to try and run again.

This is just obnoxious.


You know it’s bad if we’re giving AOC credit here …

AOC responded:

In other words, like the rest of us, AOC remembers Hillary slamming and trashing Bernie’s healthcare plans the first time around. You know, the time when she and the DNC screwed Bernie out of the nomination because it was supposedly ‘her turn’?


This was just so awkward.

Neera conveniently forgot several key points about Hillary’s support (or lack of) for Bernie’s healthcare plan.

She supported CHIP.

Big whoop. Neera makes it sound like Hillary all but created it.

See what we mean?

Bernie Bros don’t forgive OR forget, Hill-dawg.


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