Trump pulling troops from Syria has been controversial at best, and many people on both the Left and the Right have been concerned, angry, outraged, you name it. There are some talking heads saying this move will be far more damaging to Trump’s presidency than even the fake impeachment nonsense Democrats have been pushing for three years.

Breitbart’s John Hayward put together a pretty eye-opening thread on Trump’s decision in Syria and it’s definitely worth a read.

It is Turkey we’re talking about, after all.

So it’s really the United Nation’s responsibility …



No way.


It’s what Americans have been doing for decades so … yeah.

Welp, this just got way more complicated.

This editor kinda sorta loved that letter. Oh sure, it wasn’t exactly presidential but it was definitely entertaining and got Ergodan’s attention.

If only Trump could explain his actions in this way, right? Hayward’s thread definitely gives you more to think about and consider than just the notion that Trump has deserted our allies and friends. There is much more here than we realize … Tweets for thought?


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