The idea that the DNC has a secret war room is funny all on its own, but add in the visual of them ‘alerting’ Beto’s campaign about a bunch of ‘Beto is a Furry memes’ and HOO-BOY, this is hilarious.


Not everything deserves a response. When the DNC reached out and reported the furry dogpile to Beto’s campaign, the DNC staffer noted, “I haven’t flagged this activity to Twitter as I think the backlash to any action taken by them might be worse than the current activity.”

In addition to the dogpile, the DNC reported after the September debate “[a]t least three new right-wing narratives targeting candidates,” and that there was a “direct threat to one candidate, which Twitter removed in the early morning following the debate.”

The O’Rourke campaign recently faced a false story more concerning to them than the (mostly) harmless furry meme. Last month, a story spread online that the Odessa shooter, who killed seven people, had a Beto sticker on his car. “It’s the perfect kind of misinfo because it seems possible,” said Rob Flaherty, O’Rourke’s digital director. “It would undercut the whole narrative. If it were a reporter, we could just call them and they would issue a correction.”

Furry dogpile.

That is just so 2019.

Fear SMUG’s minions!

So want one.


Gotta love it.

Unless you’re getting dogpiled by a bunch of furry memes.


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