Elizabeth Warren took time out of her busy schedule pretending she was once fired for being pregnant while also being an oppressed Native American to lay out her plan for getting ‘big money’ out of politics.

She wrote an entire thread about it …

Was this why AOC was so cranky with Pete Buttigieg?

No wonder Mayor Pete wasn’t all that thrilled with her.

Or Beto.

She’ll implement a plan AKA pass an Executive Order.

Thank God she will never be president.

We’re not a Democracy.

Bernie Bros were about as impressed with Liz’s thread as we were:


But then again, they’re both millionaires and know all about big money.

Already eating one another, and it’s especially bad with the Bernie supporters.

Tonight’s debate should be a hoot.


Hope Carol Roth got a receipt after OWNING The Socialist Party for tweet about abolishing capitalism and ‘its money’

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