Apparently, Adam Schiffty Schiff kicked GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz out of the super-secret impeachment hearing earlier today.

Because you know, THAT’S not suspicious or anything.

Byron York shared the news and his thoughts on what Schiff pulled:

A member of the Judiciary Committee, one of the impeachment committees, kicked out.

Why or why would Schiff do that

Wait, what?

But it’s not a grand jury, Schiff for Brains.


How quickly they forget the public does indeed have the right to know what they’re doing in these meetings before it goes to a vote.

And like clockwork, York speaks out in defense of Gaetz and calls Schiff out and the insults and accusations begin:

These people.

York responded.

Then this …


As secretive as Schiff has been we have our doubts.

But we can always hope.


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