While the media is completely distracted and melting down over the Trump video (meme, gif, whatevs), Paul Sperry and others have been hard at work digging through the ‘swamp’ and sharing information that the media USED to be interested in sharing. You know, back when they were actually journalists and not activists.

Take a look at this.

Welp, THAT’S an ‘interesting’ connection or three.

From Real Clear Investigations:

Skeptics fear that Horowitz, a Democrat and Obama appointee, is more political than widely believed, and may be naturally inclined to protect the FBI and Justice despite possible corruption during the Obama administration.

Federal records show Horowitz volunteered on the political campaigns of several Democrats while in college and later donated to the campaign of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, a former colleague who is seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – and who has slammed Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Horowitz, moreover, is married to a former political activist who helped run campaigns for liberal Democrats before producing programming for CNN out of its Washington bureau. Records show his wife, Alexandra Kauffman Horowitz, also contributed to Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

We’re certainly not experts but golly gee, this seems a little bit like a conflict of interest. Yes?

No, we’re not surprised.

Is this a trick question?


Same difference.


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