Project Veritas’ big ‘CNN leaker video’ just dropped and it’s a doozy. We’ve all known CNN is totally biased against Trump (duh), but hearing audio of Zucker directing his employees to push impeachment stories? And that Zucker has a personal vendetta against Trump?

Media created the Trump monster.

Wow, this and so much more … watch.

Yup, CNN is totally biased and this audio proves it. We know, you’re totally shocked.

Remember when Chris Cillizza claimed the media isn’t biased to one party?


This. ^ The story itself is nothing new, anyone who has been paying attention to the media for the last three years already knew this. But hearing it from Zucker’s mouth is pretty damning.

No wonder Brian Stelter behaves the way he does …

At least that would be remotely accurate.


ALL dirty?! ICIG’s connection to another Democrat running in 2020 (PLUS the New York Times) SUPER disconcerting

Brian Stelter totally forgets he works for CNN, blames Trump for a ‘hateful, hostile environment toward journalists’

‘Don’t want to hear ANOTHER WORD about that meme’: Female Trump supporter assaulted outside MN rally (watch)