As Twitchy readers know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was babbling earlier today about abolishing prisons because they evolved out of slavery and Jim Crow or something. She may have even called them ‘American apartheid’.

We were shocked, SHOCKED, that she could spell the word, ‘apartheid’, but that’s beside the point. Apparently, the socialist darling took so much flack for her stupid idea that she came back to Twitter and wrote a thread about how the right was ‘freaking out.’

Laughing hysterically at her is not freaking out but whatever floats her little boat.

Breaking some people’s brains.

And hey now, if anyone knows about having a broken brain it’s AOC.

First of all, what?

What the Hell is she even talking about here? Letting the rich free through systems like cash bail …


AOC should feel free to write a check and pay more in taxes if she really wants to ‘us’ to pay for all of these things. Oddly enough, peeps like AOC never want to be the ones to foot the bill for all the free crap they promise people.

Funny how that works out.

Notice she has NO answer as to what we do with violent and dangerous people.

Technically she has zero answers in her entire thread but we digress.

AOC is obsessed with drinking out of toilets and concentration camps.

That’s sorta … weird, right? Maybe it’s a millennial thing.

Sounds … extreme.


Right?! If only.

Welp, they need someone to vote for them besides illegal immigrants.

OH CALM DOWN, it was just a joke.


Hey, maybe they can show her how the garbage disposal works.


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