Nothing says you’re a serious legislator like tweeting out ASCII art to babble about climate change.

Then again, it is Ilhan Omar so the phrase ‘serious legislator’ just went out the door.

Talk about changing minds and winning hearts … oh wait:

Ilhan should probably AVOID ASCII art, just sayin’.

Because this went really, really, really, REALLY wrong.

Take a look.



We like to think this is a cup of coffee though.

Nailed it.

True story.

Ding ding ding.

Seeing a theme here, Ilhan.

HA! That’s one big cup …

Typically we do not use tweets from people who do not have an avi but this one was too damn funny.

It’s not every day we write a story about someone getting owned with a bunch of ASCII art.

Gotta love Twitter.


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